Fixing the Leaky Bucket

When it comes to women in business, we have “a leaky bucket”… women are prematurely plateauing their careers and then choosing to leave the business world all together.

leaky bucket

Lack of support, mentor relationships and equal salaries are all cited as reasons women may choose to leave the workplace all together once they reach a certain level. As a result, more companies are developing women networking groups to provide community and support at the management level.

Dow AgroSciences, for example, started in 2011 its Women’s Innovation Network. This group engages women leaders in the company to actively support and develop future women leaders. Volunteers commit to a 1-year program that includes monthly and bi-monthly one on one meetings with coaches, and twice yearly meetings on a leadership topic.

As a result, Dow AgroSciences was named Company of the Year for Women in Agribusiness in 2013. The award recognizes achievements to support and mentor growth of women.

“We intend to become a global pacesetter in our industry for bringing diverse perspectives to the table, and we need women to hold an important seat at that table, working to solve the issues affecting our world.” – James (Jim) R. Fitterling
Vice Chairman, Business Operations, Dow AgroSciences

And that…is how you start to fix a leaky bucket.

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